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Islamic Zakah Account (No. 11301727)  
  The Dokki branch for Islamic Operations offers Zakah account in which the branch contributes a percentage from its annual net profits. This account allows customers to deposit funds to meet their due Zakah obligations. These funds are distributed through their legitimate aspects of expenditures. The Bank ensures that this procedure will be carried out through the Shari'ah committee affiliated to the Bank.  

Sadakah Account(No. 11301728)  
  This account allows customers to donate money. Donations are irrevocable and it yields regular investment return to be allocated for charitable purposes under the supervision of the Shari'ah comittee affiliated to the Bank.  
Shari'ah Committee  
  Both Zakah and Sadakah accounts are managed by a committee comprised of the Bank Senior Management and members of the Shari'ah Committee that includes a number of Azhar professors:

Dr. Ahmed Omar Hashem
Dr. Abdel Rahman El Adawi
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