Suez Canal Bank as a Strategic Partner for the BEBA Seminar on Artificial Intelligence

With a keen interest in modern technology, Suez Canal Bank has participated as a strategic partner in the seminar organized by the British Egyptian Business Association (BEBA) titled "The New Era of Artificial Intelligence: Challenges and Opportunities." The bank's involvement in this seminar aligns with its focus on digital transformation and the utilization of artificial intelligence technology in Egypt, particularly in the financial services sector, including banking products and services.

The bank's participation included a significant presence of its leadership, headed by Akef El Maghraby, the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director and also the presence of the assistant managing director and young professionals from the Information Systems department and Cybersecurity department, IT Audit Management, as well as heads of Operations, Retail Banking, SMEs, and Corporate Communications, affirming the bank's strong belief in the importance of artificial intelligence, especially in the financial services sector.

Regarding Suez Canal Bank's participation in this seminar, Akef El Maghraby expressed the importance of engaging in this roundtable discussion amidst the bank’s focus on this rapidly evolving field.

El Maghraby stated that through its participation in such seminars, the bank aims to benefit from these discussions for its future banking products and services by interacting with leading entities in the banking sector and specialists in the field of fintech. This interaction fosters dialogue on how to positively engage with the latest global trends in artificial intelligence and apply them in Egypt.

He added that the rapidly growing nature of the banking sector necessitates leveraging the solutions and services of the new era of artificial intelligence, which supports financial institutions and their partners to operate efficiently and effectively in the modern age.

It is noteworthy that the seminar included several public figures, notably Dr. Amr Talaat, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, who delivered a keynote speech and participated in a discussion titled "The New Era of Artificial Intelligence: Challenges and Opportunities".

During his keynote speech, Dr. Amr Talaat provided valuable insights on Egypt's artificial intelligence strategy. He highlighted Egypt's significant improvement in global artificial intelligence indices, jumping over 50 places from 111th place in 2019 to 62nd place in 2023. Furthermore, the ministry is aiming to enhance governmental performance following the launch of the second phase of the National AI Strategy 2024-2029.