Suez Canal Bank is subject to the supervision of Central Bank of Egypt and all controls and instructions issued by it as well as the banking and monetary system law and all relevant laws and requirements of the Basel Committee, our bank is committed to all the provision of the comprehensive commitment policy in accordance with international standards.

Suez Canal Bank complies with the instructions for customer protection and its customer protecting unit following compliance department, through which customer complaints are followed up , resolved and reported to the senior bank management, Audit Committee, and Board of Directors.

Suez Canal Bank Bank’s legal Entity international Number:

According to the Foreign American Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) that started on 1/7/2014, Suez Canal Bank Bank registered individually with IRS as single participating financial institution in the agreement, which was approved by the Central Bank of Egypt.
Suez Canal Bank GIIN no. :3P9378.99999.SL.818

Anti-money Laundering and Financial terrorist

Anti-Money Laundering and Combating Terrorism Financing:

Our bank adheres to the regulatory controls and customer identification instructions (KYC) regulations issued by the Egyptian Anti-money laundering and combating terrorism unit and the relevant applicable laws and FATF recommendations and all the principles of the (Wolfsburg group) for AML/CTF as well as all the principles of "know your client" (KYC).

The bank also abides by the AML law No. 80 for the year 2002, its executive regulations and all subsequent amendments of the law and all other relevant laws to comply these recommendations and regulations, in addition to our Anti-money laundering and terrorism financing policy and customer acceptance policy included.


Governance is set of rules and best practices that govern the relationship between the board of directors, management, and shareholders.

Suez Canal Bank applies standards of disclosures and transparency which the framework of governance, which are appropriate to the bank’s business and activities in accordance with the developments surrounding it and in accordance with legalislative and regulatory requirements whiten the framework of corporate governance.

The bank adopts a policy of transparency and disclosure on the information that reflects all the requirements of disclosure (financial, non-financial and regulatory disclosures that include all the important data in the bank and its operations and financial performance in line with the shareholder structure.

The bank adheres to all the rules of governance issued by the decisions of the Basel Committee that monitors the banking sector and related laws in this respect.

Customers’ Rights Protection

Customers’ Rights Protection

As per CBE instructions regarding the customers’ rights protection, we are honored to provide you with an overview of the concept and principles of Customers’ Rights Protection and the mechanism for dealing with customer complaints.

The concept of protecting customer' rights

The existence of a clear regulatory framework that defines the relationship between the services providers and the users, in order to ensure that customers obtain their rights in terms of fairness and transparency and to maintain the confidentiality of data, while ensuring the existence of a mechanism for dealing with complaints. In addition to raising banking customers' awareness, enabling them to take sound decisions.

Principles of protecting customers’ rights:

  • Justice and equality.
  • Disclosure and transparency.
  • How to deal with customer complaints.
  • Spreading banking culture and awareness.
  • Data protection and account confidentiality.

In light of spreading awareness for our bank customers, we recommend to read the following thoroughly:

  • • It is necessary to read all the terms and conditions of each product form and to inquire about any information through customer service officials before signing the product application.

  • • It is necessary to read the contracts carefully before signing them and you can always obtain a copy of them at any time.

  • • For debit or credit cards holders, it is necessary to keep it in a safe place, and the same applies for the cards passwords, with the need to keep them in separate places at all times.

  • • Not to disclose any confidential information about accounts or cards to any third party.

  • • In the event of any card being lost or damaged, the bank shall be notified on the hotline 19093.

  • • It is necessary to notify the bank immediately and without delay upon realizing any illegal dealings or unauthorized transactions on your account.

  • • If you’re enjoying any type of loan, credit cards or any credit facilities, the monthly installment payment date must be adhered to in order to avoid being included in the negative lists.

  • • Do not hesitate to inquire about the commissions and fees related to the product, with the need to constantly check the bank’s website to find out about any changes in services and prices.

  • • It is necessary to provide accurate and clear information to the bank and upon any change or update, you should notify the bank immediately (any change or expiration of the national number, passport or residence) so that this does not affect the quality of services provided by the bank.

Procedures for submitting and dealing with customer complaints:

  • - Call 19093, 24/7

  • - Inserting the complaint through our bank’s website

  • - Attending our branches headquarters and submitting your complaint to the branch official or depositing the complaint in the “Your opinion is our concern” box designated for this in all our bank branches

    The customer's complaint is answered within a period not exceeding 15 working days from the date of its receipt (except for complaints that need special treatment.
  • - In the event that the bank is notified of the non-acceptance of the response, the complaint is to be re-examined and the final response is to be given to the customer within 15 working days accompanied by justifications, especially if the response has not changed, with the customer being notified of his right to escalate the complaint to the Central Bank of Egypt in case the customer does not accept the second response knowing that a complaint cannot be submitted to the Central Bank of Egypt directly before referring to our bank.