A- Business Development Services Hubs (BDS)

Suez Canal Bank's Business Development Services Hubs, affiliated to the Nilepreneurs Initiative under the auspices of the Central Bank of Egypt, aim to enhance the business environment for entrepreneurs, and small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Converting the innovative ideas of Egyptian youth into running businesses and successful projects is the optimum goal as part of the Suez Canal Bank's business empowerment vision.

At Suez Canal Bank's Business Development Services Hubs, SMEs and entrepreneurs will realize their full potential with specially designed financial education programs aiming to support them. The Business Development Services Hubs also supports banks and the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency in achieving the objectives of their entrepreneurship initiatives.

Suez Canal Bank's Business Development Services Hubs offers the following services:

Support to obtain financial services.

Financial analysis.

Support to obtain activity registration and licensing.


Feasibility studies.

Business plan presentations.

Information and data through the "Egypt Projects" platform.

Capacity building and training for SMEs and entrepreneurs.

Enabling SMEs to obtain the needed financing to develop their business.

Empowering women and youth to develop their businesses.

Supporting the elderly and people with special needs in establishing and developing small and medium businesses.

Transferring informal SMEs to the formal sector through the one-stop-shop.

To book an appointment with BDS Team through:


1 Hafez Ramadan Street - Nasr City - Makram Ebeid.

B- Suez Canal Bank Business Incubator

Suez Canal Bank Business Incubator was established in cooperation with Nile University under the auspices of the Central Bank of Egypt, as part of the "Nilepreneurs Initiative" to embrace innovative ideas and convert them into successful projects and supporting them financially and non-financially.

Suez Canal Bank provides financial grants or non-financial services to the owners of advanced ideas and entrepreneurs, and participates in the Suez Canal Bank business incubator, which presents their ideas, by incubating the projects that have been selected and that are commensurate with the standards and conditions required.

To apply for a financial grant for projects from the Suez Canal Bank, Incubator cycle 4 through:

Starting date for admission: 15/6/2022

Through the incubator, Suez Canal Bank Business Incubator provides the following services:

Supporting projects with a financial grant from Suez Canal Bank.

Networking .

Project submission.

Marketing through Suez Canal Bank.

Helping projects participate in bank-sponsored exhibitions and conferences.

Communicating with the market and industries of each business sector.

First Round Start Ups:

Joudran: is the perfect solution when it comes to home decoration. Through our platform, you'll be able to shop online for finishes and decor materials at reasonable prices and with payment facilities. The platform offers more features to help you control costs and save time and money.

Seater: is a smart transportation company that provides mass transit services through a phone app. The company provides transportation, as well as a tracking service for companies, schools, and universities to transport students and employees daily using convenient, safe, and cheap transportation compared to other transportation apps.

Rafiq: is a personal assistant application that communicates via voice commands in Arabic and a local accent. The app is available for Android phones, and it can control the mobile device (set an alarm, reminders, make calls...etc.) and can integrate with other services (request an Uber, search for products in the market, order from Otlob...etc.).

Startup Manager: provides its services through an integrated electronic platform that allows startups and SMEs to control various aspects of their business and improve their management, including daily expenses, revenue, payroll, sales and billing management, and others.

Neqabty: is an interactive platform designed specifically for syndicates and trade unions to member services easily through a mobile application, including health care services, flight reservations, housing projects, and other services. It also provides all electronic payment services through the Meeza card.

Brandawy: is an easy-to-use online platform on which users can create designs and products for their companies (publications, gifts, advertising products, banners…etc.) and they can also subscribe to shops the products of exclusive brands through a special account.

Al-Matjar: is an E-commerce platform aiming to produce superior marketing and financial returns for small and medium enterprises through empowering them to have their own E-commerce platform.

Presto: is a courier and logistics platform, aiming to encourage youth by providing vacancies to them through providing courier services to corporates and individuals during their spare times using their own bikes.