Corporate Social Responsibility


Suez Canal Bank activated new internal activities programs to communicate with employees as a part of its efforts to develop and support young employees and to promote cooperation and team spirit, the bank launched many communication activities such as organizing football matches between employees of the bank during the Holy Month of Ramadan. The bank also launched "Support Egypt" initiative during Egypt's organization of the African Nations Cup in which employees and media professionals were provided with branded T-shirts with the slogan of "Support Egypt" and Egypt flags to wear it while attending the matches in the stadium.

Health and Safety Programs were launched to raise the employees awareness in various health issues for a better life, such as Nutrition sessions, Medical checkup in the World Diabetes Day that took place in November 2019, In addition to Breast Cancer awareness session and self check up methods for women working at Suez Canal Bank in cooperation with the Egyptian Foundation of Breast Cancer which coincided with the international month for Breast Cancer awareness in October 2019 . Suez Canal Bank seeks to adopt effective community service programs taking into consideration the basic needs facing society such as health, education, providing decent life and a good living environment as well as supporting the most needy villages and thus raising human capabilities and society.

Social Solidarity

The bank contributed in the field of social solidarity, by participating in the federation of Egyptian Banks initiative regarding the development of slums and participating with NGOS in installation of water pumps for more than 330 beneficiaries in Beni Suef Governorate as well as supporting those affected by Corona virus epidemic in the emergency and crisis account with 10 million pounds , the bank also provided 4500 food packages in cooperation with Orman association during the holy Month of Ramadan 2018 ,2019 &2020 in the most needy villages in Fayoum and Beni Suef Governorate and participated also with AL Tadamun Micro Finance foundation by distributing food packages during the holy Month of Ramdan inaddition to the bank participated with the Egyptian Food Bank in the charity challenge initiative and supported 7500 daily workers affected by Corona virus epidemic during the holy Month of Ramadan as well as employees participated in social responsibility campaigns and distributing Ramadan food packages.

Special Needs

In the field of Special Needs, the bank contributed in cooperation with Giza Governorate in providing wheel chairs for people with disabilities over the past years as well as the bank contribution in the foundation of Ataa Fund to support special needs, the fund is the first of its kind in Egypt , operating in accordance with the capital market legislation and under the supervision of the Financial Regulatory (FRA) Suez Canal Bank organized handicraft exhibition for special needs entitled “your profession is your fortune " among the support provided by the bank to empower them economically in the Egyptian society . The bank also donated to Tahya Masr Fund and the Fund of Martyrs, Victims, Missing and Injured people of war, Terrorist and Security operations and their families.


In the Health Sector, the bank through its Dokki Branch for Islamic transactions provide support for more than 30 hospitals & 80 NGOS to assist many individuals and families with low income in the cost of treatment for diseases . The bank has also contributed in providing health care for children with congenital heart defects at Al Nas hospital and cooperating with Ahl Masr foundation to support the incident victims who were injured by the violent that took place in Ramses Cairo Railway Station, the bank also contributed to the support of Ministry of Health and Population initiative for the elimination of patient waiting lists and also participated in the initiative that was contributed by a number of institutions and individuals donating to National Cancer Institution for the reconstruction after the huge explosion which resulted in a major fire that affected parts of the nearby cancer institute as a kind of community participation by the bank towards its national responsibility.


As for the education sector, the bank contributed to the development of two schools in cooperation with Ismailia governorate , the development included ( buildings , playgrounds & computers ) , the bank has also signed a cooperation agreement with Zewail City for Science and Technology to fund 13 scholarships for students in their final year 2019 &2020.


In the environment field, the bank has contributed to the development of Khedive Cairo within the initiative of Cairo Governorate to develop Khedive region in Down Town as well as the development of stock exchange area.

Youth & Entrepreneurship

The bank was keen to support youth and entrepreneurship, the bank has participated in “ Nile Preneurs “ initiative which was funded by the Central Bank of Egypt under the auspices of one of the business incubators which aims to embrace startups and provide technical, administration and financial support in the field of communication and information technology to spread the concept of “Simulation for Gamification “ in cooperation with Nile University. The bank has also contributed to the initiative by establishing “BDS “ business development service centers for SME inside the bank branches in geographical areas with investment opportunities to provide non financial services and communicate with youth and entrepreneurs inorder to select and sponsor creative ideas and raise awareness of the bank various services to encourage the development of inventions, innovations and entrepreneurship which aims to support the Egyptian economy.

Bank Awards

The bank has won several awards such as “ Bank Excellence in Customer Service “ from the International Federation of Arab Bankers , the bank was also honored among the best 100 companies working in the Egyptian market from Amwal Al Ghad Magazine . Suez Canal Bank was also selected by Forbes Magazine among the top 50 banks listed on the stock exchange , the bank has also awarded social responsibility award from Alam Al- youm newspaper and excellence in management award from Al Ahram newspaper as well as the bank was also honored several timed by the Federation of Arab Bankers . The bank has also awarded “Best Deals “ awards in emerging market in Middle East and Africa which is annually announced by EMEA Finance.

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