Our Islamic Accounts

Al Awael Savings Account

Individuals (Egyptians and Foreign Residents).

Minimum Account Opening : 5000 EGP

The account receives a prize of an additional 1.5%

Return and prize are paid every 3 months.

Islamic Branch Accounts

Individuals (Egyptians and Foreign Residents).

Minors, in their names, under their legal guardian’s authority.

Check-book is available for this account.


Al Sagheer Account

Individuals (Egyptians and Foreign Residents).

Account Opening : 5.000 EGP OR USD

Additional return of 1% over the quarterly return.

The return is paid every 3 months

Islamic Zakah and Sadakah Account

This account allows customers to donate money. Donations are irrevocable and it yields regular investment return to be allocated for charitable purposes under the supervision of the Shari'ah comittee affiliated to the Bank.