Credit Cards

Suez Canal BankCredit Cards allows you to enjoy seamless money access in and outside Egypt. Easily pay for all your needs or enjoy a shopping spree. Suez Canal Bank's contactless Credit Card ensures the ultimate protection as it processes your transactions when you just hold your card over a POS device.

Enjoy life more with our Suez Canal Bank Credit Cards. "We help you to fulfill all your needs".

Check for the Chip-Contactless symbol on your card and on the store’s POS device.


Get your secure Credit Card from Suez Canal Bank and enjoy:

  • Classic Visa Card.

  • Gold Visa Card.

  • Classic MasterCard.

  • Titanium MasterCard.

  • Platinum MasterCard.

Get your Suez Canal Bank's Credit Card and enjoy:

  • A 57-day interest-free grace period on purchases.

  • The lowest interest rates.

  • Top secure technology for online shopping (3DS Secured-onetime password).

  • Free instant SMS alerts.

  • Possibility of installment purchase transaction or convert the available limit to a cash amount or transfer the balance to any other credit card.

  • Free access to select airport lounges in Egypt and the Middle East.

  • Choose your monthly minimum payment from 5% up to full payment.

  • Ability to change your PIN (Personal Identification Number) via Suez Canal Bank's ATMs.

  • Embedded Chip-Contacless technology for the highest safety level.

  • Accepted for all governmental payments in Egypt.

  • Free detailed monthly statement.

  • Get up to 4 supplementary cards.

Eligibility & Documents

Egyptians and foreign residents aged +21.

Clients with Suez Canal Bank's current account, savings account, certificate of deposit, or time deposit.

Original and valid National ID for Egyptians, or passport for foreign residents.

Credit Card application form.

Suez Canal Bank's Clients or non-clients (secure or non-secure).

For more information and Inquires, Call 19093 from Egypt or (+202) 19093 if you are abroad.

* Terms and conditions apply.

SCB Credit Cards

World Credit Card

Get your Contactless World Credit Card from Suez Canal Bank and enjoy the following benefits:

Credit Card limit is up to EGP 1M

Cash withdrawal limit is 100% of card limit

Purchase Protection in case the purchased product is damaged or stolen

Up to 54 days interest-free grace period on purchases inside and outside Egypt and via internet

Corporate credit card

SCB Corporate Card delivers efficient digital expense tracking that puts you on top of your company’s cash flow.

We offer an interest free grace period up to 57 days on purchases.

Easy and secure cash limit up to 100% of your