Platinum Debit Card

Platinum Debit Card quality properties

Contactless card

Smart chip

Free Issuance for primary card

Distinctive transactions limits

A Number of unique transactions

Issuance of up to 4 supplementary cards

A Number of distinct purchase transactions

Online purchases

Free shipping

Special purchase limits

No charge issuance for a supplementary card

Free SMS messages

Can be used nationally and globally

Borders Purchases Transactions cash Transactions
Inside Egypt Daily EGP 125K 20 EGP 75K or EGP 6K Per Transaction 20
Abroad Daily
20K$ Daily
30K$ Monthly
20 EGP 7K Monthly and Daily 20

Online borders Egyptian websites Foreign websites
Daily Based on the client's desire Based on the client's desire
Monthly Maximum 100 K EGP Maximum 10 $