Suez Canal Bank Re-open Heliopolis branch after renovation

On Sunday, November 6, 2022, Mr. Hussein Rifai, Chairman and Managing Director, and a group of bank leaders re-open Heliopolis branch after its development and renewal within the framework of the strategic plan pursued by the bank to develop all its old branches in order to provide a distinguished banking experience to customers and create a new visual of Bank identity.

Hussein Rifai, Chairman and Managing Director of Suez Canal Bank, said that the renewal of the Heliopolis branch in the ancient Korba area was carried out in order to provide all the distinguished services to the bank’s clients, and aims to open another new branch in the Administrative Capital by the end of 2022, in addition to opening 4 new branches during the year 2023.

Rifai confirmed that the branch, after its renovation, was equipped with a set of the latest technological means that allow clients to carry out their financial transactions easily

The new branch offers a unique banking experience designed specifically to meet needs of all clients. The branch also includes ATMs that provide a range of services around the clock to customers in a way that allows them to perform many instant banking transactions with easy, comfort and secure, including currency exchange, deposit and E-wallet services.

The branch provides all the usual banking services for companies and also for individuals.

Rifai added that the new branch is in line with the bank's development strategy and supports the Central Bank's initiatives to enhance the principle of financial inclusion.

Hussein Rifai praised the efforts of the bank’s employees and honored some employees from different divisions in appreciation of the continuous efforts in implementing strategic plan to open new branches as well as renewal of existing branches and services in order to serve all segments of clients, whether companies or individuals