The Minister of Higher Education honors Suez Canal Bank for its efforts in supporting the establishment of an educational company.

Honored Dr. Khaled Abdel-Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific research, acting as Chairman of the board of trustees of Zewail City for Science, technology and innovation and Dr. Mahmoud Abd Rabbo, acting as CEO of Zewail City for Science and technology, Suez Canal Bank for his efforts in supporting Innovation & scientific researches.

The honor received by Hussein Rifai, Chairman and Managing Director of Suez Canal Bank, who expressed his happiness with this honor, praising Country efforts for supporting scientific research, and keenness of Zewail City to keep pace with every news in the International universities.

Suez Canal Bank for the fourth year consecutively, based on its role in social responsibility provided funding for 14 scholarships in various disciplines, It is space engineering, information and communication engineering, nanotechnology engineering, renewable energy engineering and biomedical sciences for final year students in Zewail City for the academic year 2021/2022.

These grants aim to support Zewail City in carrying out its mission to create a new generation capable for innovation, to provide all that is new in scientific research, Where Egypt name appears on the world map in field of scientific research.

Hussein Rifai stressed that the Suez Canal Bank's keen to support Zewail City annually stems from its strong belief that scientific research is the main engine for the transformation of the Egyptian economy from a traditional economy to a knowledge-based economy.