The Suez Canal Bank participated in the tenth Young Researchers Conference, "Horizons of Scientific Research and the New Republic" in the Suez Canal University

The Suez Canal Bank participated in the tenth Young Researchers Conference, "Horizons of Scientific Research and the New Republic" in the Suez Canal University, which was held on the sixth and seventh of March 2023 under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Nasser Mandour - President of Suez Canal University and under the general supervision of Prof. Dr. Mohamed Saad Zaghloul - Vice President of the University for post-Graduate Studies and under the executive supervision of Dr. Ahmed Gamal Khattab - Executive Director of Marketing and Self-Resources at the University. It included a distinguished constellation of the country's most prominent executive leaders, industrialists, and businessmen as conference official spokesmen.

Participation of the bank comes from its continuous interest in youth and entrepreneurship and the adoption of innovative ideas that they present with the aim of contributing to the creation of distinguished cadres of youth and a generation capable of advancing the economic and development process in accordance with the directives of Egypt’s vision 2030.

Suez Canal Bank, represents 45 years of leadership in the banking sector, also participated in the conference with 4 sessions within the conference sessions, a session entitled "Institutional Efforts and the Role of Scientific Research and Innovation as a Booster for Building the New Republic" spoken by Mr. Ayman Kamal - Deputy Managing Director of the Bank, where he indicated that Egypt adopts scientific research in presenting it to the new republic in order to achieve the comprehensive transformation that we seek to provide an advanced and integrated system to improve the quality of life. To achieve this, the latest technological applications such as artificial intelligence, information analysis and the virtual world were used. Mr. Ayman Kamal Ali emphasized the importance of the role of young people and directing them towards new fields to serve the development that we all seek.

Dr. Walid El-Sherbiny - Head of the Business Development and Banking Marketing Sector, spoke in the "Digitization, Banking and Financial Technology" session that while digital development is considered one of the most important pillars in the future of the financial and banking sector, it represents a major challenge due to the rapid developments in this field, which It requires increasing the cooperation required to advance scientific research and advance the future of the financial sector in the era of digital transformation and artificial intelligence.

Mr. Haitham Fathi - Director of the Digitization and Financial Inclusion Sector added that financial inclusion supports the efforts made by the state to develop infrastructure, encourage investment, and achieve financial sustainability in facing unemployment and reducing poverty. It also represents an important opportunity to generate job opportunities for young people and mitigate the impact of economic and financial fluctuations.

Mr. Walid Fattouh - Head of the Small and Medium Enterprises Sector participated in a "session entitled Pioneering Credit Tools for Banking Institutions", where he presented the Central Bank's initiatives for the sector and financial and non-financial services that serve national projects. Mr. Walid talked about the future of entrepreneurship in Egypt from the point of view of the banking system, especially the vision of the Suez Canal Bank, stressing the importance of twinning between the bank and the university to achieve a generation of entrepreneurs capable of leading the future.

In the same session, Mr. Ahmed Al-Redy - Director of the Individual Customers Sector presented a presentation on the new youth program, which provides an integrated package of banking products and services with special specifications suitable for young people, with exemption from most fees to encourage them, in addition to non-banking benefits that include offers and discounts on health clubs and courses. Accredited educational and postgraduate studies.

In the "Intellectual Property from Idea to Industry" session, Ms. Nesma Al-Zaini - Director of the Business Development Center for Small and Medium Enterprises spoke about the role of the center that was established under the auspices of the Central Bank under the Nile Pioneers initiative and the most important non-financial services provided by the center to support and adopt ideas and projects and implement them, first From the idea through feasibility studies and the establishment of the legal entity to reach the final product on the ground and encourage the Egyptian industry. I also talked about the most important motives behind the establishment of the business services center in the economic zone of the Suez Canal and the bank’s unique presence in that region to support the factories that are established according to a protocol between the authority and the bank for cooperation in this regard.