Suez Canal Bank opens a new Branch at 6th of October University

Suez Canal Bank open a new Branch at 6th of October University in Giza Governorate, where Mr. Hussein Rifai, Chairman and Managing Director, open the branch in the presence of the bank’s leaders.

The opening ceremony was honored in the presence of Dr. Hisham Tamraz - Vice President of 6th of October University and Major General/ Walid Musharafa, Secretary General of the University. Mr. Hussein Rifai toured the branch in all its departments, and the officials explained and introduced bank’s various products and services to the attendees, in addition to a simplified explanation of each area within the branch. Hussein Rifai added that the opening of the new branch comes within the framework of the bank’s plan to expand within the Republic and target promising areas to support projects of all kinds.

Hussein Rifai, expressed his happiness at the opening of the bank’s new Branch, stressing that it comes within the framework of the bank’s plan for development and mechanization, relying on the latest advanced technology in the field of banking services. This comes in line with the state’s plan towards digital transformation by relying on modern technology. The new branch is distinguished by its unique location, which allows all customers to access it. It has also been established in an attractive way that gives customers comfort and ease while performing their services. It relies on fast and advanced interactive means of communication for customers to help them obtain the required banking services with ease, accuracy, and speed in implementation. The branch is equipped with the latest systems.

Modern technology, which allows customers to carry out all their transactions and requests in the fastest time. The branch also contains the latest ATM machines that allow withdrawals and deposits in addition to changing currencies and smart wallet services without a card. The branch aims to serve all customer segments in the region, whether through retail banking products and services and through products and services for university students, which led to the design of a dedicated area for digital innovation and learning within the branch to allow students to consolidate the concept of innovation in financial technology and product development. Hussein Rifai pointed out the necessity of facilitating all services and products for university youth, implementing innovative programs to suit their changing needs, and holding introductory and educational seminars that would spread financial and banking awareness to be in line with the state’s financial inclusion strategy, as well as encouraging students to develop products and innovate in financial technology. The branch contains digital screens that display advertising materials and marketing videos, considering the bank’s intention to limit the use of paper publications in advertising and marketing operations to contribute to preserving the environment and sustainable development. This is in addition to the digital self-services area that allows customers to register and obtain all the bank’s products and services at The fastest time, then the bank's customer service representatives complete the form for obtaining the products through an electronic system developed by the bank. Mr. Hussein Rifai pointed out that within the framework of Suez Canal Bank’s interest in the youth category and consolidating the principles of the financial mall, the bank launched the Beyond package, which is a package specially designed for the youth group from 16 to 35 years, which allows its subscribers to obtain many financial and non-financial features and services that are commensurate with the development of... The needs of that age group. In the end, Hussein Rifai praised the efforts of the work team at Suez Canal Bank regarding the selection, design, and implementation of the bank’s new branches, in addition to the development of many existing branches, which contributed to the growth of the bank’s profits across all sectors and products and the expansion of the customer base.