Prepaid Cards

Suez Canal Bank's easy-to-use prepaid cards offer you a great electronic alternative to carrying or giving cash. It's reloadable, no account needed, and worry-free. Suez Canal Bank's contactless Prepaid Card ensures the ultimate protection as it processes your transactions when you just hold your card over a POS device.

Check for the Chip-Contactless symbol on your card and on the store’s POS device.


Get your safe Suez Canal Bank's Prepaid Cards and enjoy:

  • Easy cash withdrawal from over 1 million ATMs locally and international.

  • Convenient cashless payment at Egyptian stores, as well as 24 million merchants worldwide.

  • No bank account needed.

  • Preload up to EGP 300,000 per month.

  • Highest International limit.

  • SMS alert upon any tramsactions.

  • Embedded Chip-Contacless technology for the highest safety level.

  • Shop online in and out of Egypt.

  • Accepted for all governmental payments in Egypt.

Eligibility & Documents

Egyptians and corporations.

As young as 16 years of age.

Prepaid card application.

Copy of National ID.

For more information and Inquires, Call 19093 from Egypt or (+202) 19093 if you are abroad.

* Terms and conditions apply.