Suez Canal Bank organizes a workshop on Artificial Intelligence applications to support women entrepreneurs

Suez Canal Bank organized an introductory workshop on Artificial Intelligence applications, in cooperation with the Egypt 21 Businesswomen Association, attended by Akef El Maghraby, the CEO and Managing Director of Suez Canal Bank , Dr. Yomna El Sheridy, President of the Egypt 21 Businesswomen Association, members of the association, and a group of the bank's women leaders.

The workshop was led by Vita Henderson Chan, an international expert in culture technology, who shared multiple educational booklets to help businesswomen achieve their business goals using modern technology tools.

The workshop was held as part of the bank's belief in the importance of raising awareness about technological advancements and technological empowerment for women, supporting women entrepreneurs, and exchanging experiences with the women leaders at Suez Canal Bank. Various departments from the bank participated in the workshop, including Information Technology, Cybersecurity, Human Resources, General Administration Affairs, Strategic Management, and SMEs organized by corporate communication department.

During the workshop, businesswomen were welcomed by the bank and there were explanation of "Kardak sanadak " program for SMEs and the Business Development services for women entrepreneurs.

The workshop is part of the "Marefaty" CSR initiative directed to women, aimed at raising awareness about technology and digital transformation, specifically targeting women and entrepreneurs.

Akef El Maghraby, CEO and Managing Director of Suez Canal Bank, emphasized in his keynote speech during the workshop the importance of integrating technology into business, noting that integrating technology with entrepreneurship provides new alternatives for service delivery, product development, and marketing, making them more efficient and competitive.

He highlighted that using technology helps overcome several challenges faced by entrepreneurs, including easing access to information and financial resources, and enhances women's readiness to engage in entrepreneurship and enter various production and service sectors.

At the end of the workshop, Akef El Maghraby honored the President of the Association in recognition of her efforts in developing the business of women entrepreneurs and also honored the main speaker.

It is worth mentioning that the Egypt 21 Businesswomen Association is a non-profit civil society organization with international activities aimed at enhancing women's contribution to the Egyptian economy, and includes women who own small and medium-sized enterprises across various business sectors.

Suez Canal Bank places community responsibility and development at the top of its priorities, continually striving to adopt effective programs to serve the community, taking into account the basic needs facing society in 8 different areas such as health, education, social solidarity, support for people with disabilities, youth support, entrepreneurship, women, and also sports, art, and culture, thereby enhancing the human capabilities of the community.