3 Year USD Fixed Rate Certificate of Deposit


Eligibility to open account

  • Individuals (Egyptians & Foreign Residents).


US Dollar

Minimum Amount:

USD 100


Three years

Interest Structure:

Fixed interest rate

Interest is paid monthly, quarterly, annually

Renewal of the certificate for a similar period as desired by the customer on the date of maturity and in accordance with the conditions stated on this date

The certificate shall be recovered on the due date in full value and in the same currency

The ability to borrow with a certificate guarantee up to 90% of the value of the certificate. In the currency of the dollar

Interest rate is: monthly 2% - quarterly 2.15% - annual 2.25%

For CDs rates please enter Certificates Rates.


Interest calculation is effective from the first working day after certificate issuance.

The certificate is redeemable after the first 6 months according to the bank redemption schedule.

Required Documents:

Original & valid national identification for Egyptians.

Original passport for foreigners, with a valid residency document.

Original birth certificate for minors.

Recent utility bill (electricity, telephone bill, …etc).

* Other conditions may apply.